Neteller Revamps its Web Site

Published on: July 28, 2011 

Neteller is one of the leading payments solutions used by online casino players for making deposits and withdrawals. Neteller offers the best products in the industry. In order to retain its top spot Neteller has built a new web site that is easier to use and better to look at. Neteller promises that in days to come it will provide even more new features, benefits and deposit options.

Len Collins, Head of User Experience, explained, “Our goal with the site redesign was to provide a clean, simple and unified user experience. Simplicity is the key to an easy to navigate site, so we stripped away any clutter and presented only relevant content depending on the users’ goals. The flow for a user from the homepage right through sign up, sign in and the eWallet is unified in a modern sleek look and feel to provide the clearest path to helping our members achieve their goals.” The improvements at the web site have been based on the suggestions of its tech-savvy members and therefore they are all the more welcome. Some changes include moving the sign in link in the upper right corner so it is always available, adding a search function, more intuitive site navigation, account balance always at the top of the page and support from within the account.

Since the new web site has gone live, Neteller has been sending e-mails to all its online casino users on how to use the new features. One such e-mail explains how to verify and upgrade ones account. The message goes on to explain the benefits of these features. Members with verified accounts enjoy higher transaction limits. They can remit more funds per month to online casinos and there is no lifetime transaction limit. With a verified account players can withdraw their winnings at online casinos back to their Neteller electronic wallet. Verified account users can transfer funds with the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. The verification process is free.

In another e-mail Neteller explains that in order to better protect the online funds all members will be required to regularly reset their Secure IDs. In fact, Neteller will prompt them to do this from time to time. After players sign in the normal way, they may be requested to answer their security question in order to reset their Secure ID. If online casino players using Neteller correctly answer the security question, they will be given a new Secure ID number and be sent an e-mail confirming the change of ID. If players enter the wrong answer to their security question three times, the account will be disabled. Neteller explains that this is an important precaution taken to keep accounts safe from fraud. If the account is disabled, users will be prompted to request a call from the Neteller support team in order to reopen it.

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