Neteller Pampers VIP Members

Published on: October 20, 2011 

Neteller is a leading payments solutions provider to online casinos and other online merchants. Just as online casinos take special care of their VIP players who wager more, Neteller also pampers its VIP members who transact more often. Neteller offers them exclusive promotions and attractive benefits.

Neteller has just announced one such VIP promotion titled 1Up. The promotion says, “With the holiday season right around the corner, we wanted to give our VIPs a special present: unlimited cash back.” The 1Up promotion offers VIP Neteller members 1.1% cash back with no limits. They just have to transfer funds from their Neteller electronic wallets to online casinos and other sites to start earning the cash back. Though the promotion has begun on October 17, players will earn cash back only from the date they register. The registration can be done from the promotions page on the Neteller web site. The promotion will run up to November 30 and hence there is plenty of time for those Neteller VIPs who have not yet registered. The 1.1% cash back will be given on every transaction after registration.

Players must keep in mind certain advice that Neteller has offered for this promotion. They must ensure that funds are loaded into their account. Neteller has introduced several new deposit options and players can check out if these are more suitable. The funds can be transferred into the players’ accounts at online casinos. However, promotional abuse will disqualify players from any cash back. An example of promotional abuse is transferring funds to online casinos and withdrawing them without wagering.

Neteller has also offered a benefit to its VIP members who need to transfer funds in multiple currencies. Now they will not need to convert from their designated currency to other currencies and vice versa each time. They will be allowed to maintain multiple currency accounts. Because they can keep their funds in different currencies they will they will not incur foreign exchange fees. In the event that Neteller VIPs have to exchange currency they will pay a special rate of 1.5%, which is 40% less than the rate paid by regular Neteller members.

Neteller advises its members to obtain VIP status because of the several other benefits offered. For most withdrawal options Neteller VIPs get free withdrawals. VIP players can request for increased transaction limits on a needs basis. Neteller assigns a dedicated customer support specialist 24 hours a day for its VIP players. The biggest benefit that Neteller VIPs enjoy is 100% fraud guarantee. In the unlikely event that they suffer direct financial losses due to unauthorized activity in their Neteller accounts they will reimbursed in totality provided they have followed the prescribed security precautions.

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