Neteller Giveaway Promotion

Published on: May 13, 2011 

Neteller, the popular online payments solution provider, very often offers its customers who use its products to fund online casinos with attractive, though not extravagant promotions.

At the beginning of this month Neteller subscribers were sent details, via an e-mail message, of a $70,000 Giveaway, which read "between 9 May and 7 June we will be giving away 1,000 USD a DAY, along with a grand prize of 40,000 USD on 8 June 2011. Every day is another chance to win bigger than ever".

The $70,000 Giveaway offers the hugest cash prizes ever from Neteller and players are required to earn ballots in order to be eligible for the promotion which is of a lucky draw type. Players who register for the promotion at the Neteller promotions page can earn their first ballot.

Neteller explained to its subscribers via the e-mail exactly how subsequent ballots can be earned. For every $100 deposited in their electronic wallet account, Neteller users will be awarded one ballot while 10 ballots will be earned by them for each $1,000 transferred to an online casino or other merchant. By downloading or using the Net+ Virtual Master Card, Neteller users will earn one ballot and one ballot will also be earned for applying for or using the Net+ Prepaid Master Card. In addition to the other usual benefits awarded when Neteller users refer a friend to Neteller, they will also earn one ballot and one ballot will also be earned for each money transfer that is completed.

The difference between the Neteller $70,000 Giveaway promotion and the earlier Neteller promotions is the fact that it gives users a chance to multiply the ballots.

The e-mail message to subscribers also says "This time around, we've given you a way to rack up even more chances to win."

The base in this promotion is 10 ballots for each $1,000 that gets transferred to an online casino while bigger transfers offer a multiplier that can be two, three, five or ten times. Transfers between $1,001 and $5,000 have a multiplier of two times and transferring $2,000 awards 20 ballots according to the base rate. As a multiplier of two times is applied 40 ballots will be awarded. The multiplier for transfers between $5,001 and $10,000 is three times, between $10,001 and $50,000 it is five times and for transfers above $50,001 it is ten times. A ballot calculator is provided on the promotions page to calculate the number of ballots earned.

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