Net Entertainment Launches CasinoCafe

Published on: January 27, 2009 

Net Entertainment AB will be rolling out their newest online gambling offering during the second quarter of 2009 and it looks to be hitting the Russian and Cyprus markets first.  CasinoCafe, the newest Net Entertainment AB product was developed in conjunction with Russia’s Delta Invest Ltd and PCP Electronics Ltd of Cyprus.  The licensing agreements have been signed, sealed and delivered and the product is going to be launched in retail locations as soon as it is ready.

All of the companies involved in the new licensing deal for CasinoCafe have extensive experience in the land based gambling community.  CasinoCafe is planned on being rolled out via a network of over 500 retail shops in Russia alone by Delta Invest.  PCP Electronics is planning on rolling out CasinoCafe over a twelve month period in 20 different shops in Cyprus.  Marketing has already begun for the unique online gambling system.

“We are very pleased to have reached an agreement with Net Entertainment. Through CasinoCafé our customers are able to experience and access top class gambling content by the click of a button,” said Vjaceslavs Volkovs who is the Director at Delta Invest, one of the three licensing partners for CasinoCafe.  If things work out the way all three companies hope, Delta Invest could become one of Net Entertainment’s largest licensees.  Early projections on the new gaming system are extremely positive and the licenses for CasinoCafe are granted on a royalty basis that is figured up on the revenues the product generates for the operator.  In this case, the operators would be Delta Invest and PCP Electronics.

CasinoCafe allows the operator who holds the license to set up a local casino operation without the need to purchase expensive equipment or hire a lot of live personnel.  The product uses simple everyday PC computers and it is set up with an Internet café feel to it.  The product is set with a wide range of casino games and an administration tool that can handle both cash pay outs to the users.  The system also allows for one-time player accounts for people, for example, who simply want to go enjoy a cup of coffee and play a few hands of blackjack to kill time.

CEO of Net Entertainment Johan Öhman said, “I am very pleased to be able to announce these two agreements for CasinoCafé. One of the benefits of CasinoCafé is that it combines the cost efficiency of electronically distributed gaming with the business volumes of land based casino operations.  It is estimated that well over 90% of all gaming still is conducted in physical environments, a market we hence tap into with CasinoCafé,” he added.

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