Moscow Millions Winner Determined

Published on: December 3, 2007 

The first ever ground breaking tournament on Russian soil has entered the history books. The Moscow Millions winner is a member of PokerNews’ staff, Tony ‘G’ Guoga. The two-day event was held in the Kosmos Casino, where the attention of many in the poker industry focused. The almost sidelined event came to a close when Tony Guoga won the final table and 205,000 USD, all of which he donated to Russian Orphanages chosen by those in the Poker Pro Ranks.

Of the 53 players total that arrived to compete for the first major organized poker tournament in Moscow, was structured in 90-minute intervals. This provided an exceptional amount of time for all the professionals present. The buy in was 10,500 USD, which was then purchased the chip stake of 25thousand. The eventual winner, Tony Guoga arrived to the tournament in a fashionably late manner, due to a dental appointment. He lost the first half of his stack within the early stages of the tournament. Once he was able to gather his thoughts, he found a steady but competitive path to the final table, going through many of the competitors with steady determination and skill. Once the final table was set, Guoga took a dominating position and quickly broke the table down to 3. Of the top 3, Alex Kravchenko took third for 77 thousand USD. Name sound familiar? It should, he made it to the final table in the 38th annual Worlds Series of Poker, Las Vegas.

Quoting from Tony Guoga’s blog with PokerNews he shares this comment: "I must congratulate everyone from Poker Professionals; the management was great. The structure was better than the WSOP main event. We had two dealers at the final table so that the next hand was shuffled and ready to go and we had tons of hands at the final table."

Even after making his generous donation, Tony did not go home empty handed, or should that be with an empty wrist as he was awarded the first ever Moscow Millions Gold Bracelet. As reflection of his stellar performance and incredible success in this incredible and historic event, the gold bracelet will continue to be an incessant reminder of the first major tournament held on Russian soil.

Poker Professionals spokeswoman Anastasia Bauer said they were pleased and excited about the success of the event. This year’s event had no satellite entries, however that has not swayed the optimism surrounding the event. The organizers are looking forward to the future success of the Moscow Millions Poker Event, and will endeavour to see it become a steady stop for the European Poker Professional Circuit.

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