More Online Betting and Casino Sites go Green

Published on: September 24, 2007 

The well-known online casino company Betfair has released a statement saying that it has upped its environmentally friendly IT energy efficiency plan to make sure that its ever growing data centre is being powered by aid of environmentally safe policies and methods of obtaining electricity. This is a new approach to running a betting business.

Of course the environment is a hot topic nowadays and many companies are more than happy to jump on the bandwagon of those who declare to care for the environment and the world in general. The environment has become a successful marketing product and millions of products are sold every week due to their environmentally friendly image. Consumers want to feel like they are giving something back to the planet and a sense of guilt washes over ever consumer at some point or another. But not many people have ever considered how much electricity is used to keep a successful game website going.

The Betfair online casino company receives over four billion site visitors a week and if there are bigger games going on that people can place bets on there are up to 22,000 money transactions per second. This means that the computer systems carrying the technology behind the site must always be reliable and up to date. Of course there is backup equipment that can take over whenever something goes wrong so that the details and transaction reports of players are always safe. This kind of equipment uses a lot of power and the systems have a very high-energy demand.

The company started thinking about a greener approach towards using electricity when top managers realised that they were pushing boundaries when it came to how much power they could actually use and take. They developed a new way of thinking that would both benefit the company and the environment.

The betting company has now started to operate 60 new Solaris-based computer databases. These used to run on different individual computer servers that were divided over 40 computer equipment racks. With the company now using the so-called virtualisation technology the number of racks has been reduced to 16. This in fact leads to a significant power saving of over 80%.

The company recommend trying to make the way you run your company greener to anyone. Energy efficiency savings do not only change the way the business is run but can also help to attract clients as the environment matters so much to customers. On top of all that saving energy simply means saving money in the process. This is why it is expected that more and more online gambling sites will switch to running their computer setup in a ‘ green’ way.

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