Mobile Casinos The Next Step In Online Casino Gaming

Published on: September 2, 2008 

Online casino games and poker rooms are still all the rage, even if they have been banned in the United States.  But the newest rage to be spawned off the online gaming rage is mobile phone gaming.  Players had been able to gamble from home on their PCs, on the road with the laptops, and now wherever we want by using our mobile phones while on the train, the bus, the metro, basically anywhere you can use a mobile phone.

The mobile casinos have already taken off in Japan and it is starting to work its way throughout Europe.  The mobile gaming phenomenon was tested in Japan as they seem to enjoy electronic gadgets and mobile phones in general.  Everywhere you look, Japanese citizens have a phone in their hands and they enjoy playing casino games and poker as much as the rest of the world.

Mobile gaming has also taken off in the United Kingdom, and the citizens of the UK have as large a mobile phone base and culture as the Japanese.  They are also not afraid of trying out new things on their mobile phones and the addition of casino games and mobile poker add-ons for their mobile phones.  The British also love casino games as is evidenced by the amount of casinos all over the country.  Next comes Europe in the mobile casino market, followed by the United States.  There are some companies that offer casino games on American phones, but citizens of the United States simply are not as big mobile users as in other countries.

Unlike online gaming, mobile casino gaming is still a baby in the gaming community.  All of the services that are currently being offered no matter what country you live in have been around for only two or three years.  There are still bugs and glitches to be worked out of both the systems and the programs themselves.  Most mobile phones can support online services including online casino games, but most people do not consider this when they purchase their mobile phones.  Additionally, playing any form of online games on your mobile phones can drain batteries and take up quite a bit of memory to use.  These are things that will need to be solved before the mobile game industry can truly take off.

The industry believes that mobile casino games will become just as popular as online casino play, especially with online casino gamers who may need to use their phones to continue an active game if they should happen to have an appointment or go out.  But until some of the glitches are worked out, it will be slow to take off.

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