Mobile Cashback Special Promotion Comes to Bet365 Casino

Published on: February 18, 2014 

If you ask anyone who is familiar with what has went on in the online casino industry over the past few years, then they will agree that mobile is the fastest-growing part of the entire industry. This leads many people to believe that mobile is the platform of the future because each month the rate of growth increases or stays significant. Bet365 is a firm believer that this is the case, and this has led them to have a very aggressive policy when it comes to mobile casino promotions. The promo that they're having right now is an awesome example of that.

There's a mobile cashback deal going on right now, and it's based on playing for consecutive sets of days. To qualify, you'll need to deposit (or transfer) a minimum of $50 over a single transaction and wager at least $100 over a minimum of 50 bets. Your average bet size will also have to be at least $1 during the set of days you want cashback from as well. Your cashback percentage will be based on four different levels depending on how many days you meet these requirements in a row. Note that you don't have to make the deposit daily, just the minimum betting requirements.

For two consecutive days, you'll get a five percent cashback reward. For three days, it doubles to 10 percent, and for four days, it triples up to 15 percent. Playing five or more days in a row meeting these requirements will get you a 20 percent cashback reward. This promotion started on February 10, and it lasts all the way through February 23. This is for mobile games only with the exception of live dealer games. There is a 20x wagering requirement on any cashback rewards that can also be met with any mobile title other than the live dealer tables.

Bet365 is known for being one of the most iconic online gambling brands in the world. They feature a multi-prong approach with every type of betting that you can think of, and their online casino is at the center of all of that. Their mobile software gives you an opportunity to take all of your favorite Playtech titles on the road with you, and that means you can roll in the big wins no matter where you're playing from. Overall, this is a great deal since you can get back up to 20 percent of your losses.

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