Miss Universe Pageant Builds Client Base for Online Sportsbook

Published on: May 28, 2007 

It’s been a busy weekend of new customer account sign-ups at online betting site BetUS.com.  All the new traffic is the result of the site being one of the only places on the web taking bets on who will be crowned the next Miss Universe ®.  

With the pageant airing live from Mexico City tonight, BetUS.com has been busy taking bets all weekend and will continue into this evening.  The firm has experienced a lot of traffic and new customers thanks to the World’s devotion to Beautiful Women.  

Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of Gambling911 has been examining the betting trends on the pageant over the past few days remarks that "The demand for Miss Universe betting has been staggering,".

And according to the trends, which lovely lady is the favorite to win, "Miss Universe strongholds appear to include The Philippines, Australia and the host company of Mexico but we anticipate a surge in traffic from other represented nations as we head into the evening hours." Says O’Brien.  

The site is currently posting the best odds at 4 to 1 to win for two South American contestants, Miss Brasil and Miss Venezuela.  Coming up in the third spot is Miss Greece at +800 (or 8 to 1 odds).

The BetUS.com site offers betting lines on all your favorite sporting events (Basketball, Football, UFC, Boxing, Tennis and more) as well as a number of entertainment related categories; The Miss Universe ® pageant, who will win Canadian Idol,  who will be the director of Spider Man 4 to name a few.  

Besides the sportsbook, BetUS.com also offers it’s members the services of an online racebook, online casino and online poker.  They have been in the online gambling for over 13 years now and recognized as one of the oldest and most respected online gambling destinations on the web today.  BetUS is licensed and bonded in Costa Rica.

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