Marvel Slot Hit Twice in One Day

Published on: December 29, 2009 

Cryptologic is one of the top three online casino software companies.  They have been awarded the rights to Marvel and DC Comic super heroes, which allow the company to create slot machines based on certain heroes like Batman.  Over the last year they have provided a number of different super hero slots.  Sunday two online players were able to win playing one of the marvel slots offered by Cryptologic.

The beginning of December was a slow month for online casinos and their jackpots.  Though numerous players were trying to win jackpots at various online casinos the beginning of the month held fast.  However, the month soon picked up and has since become one of the busiest months for winning jackpots.  In the last week jackpots have been coming up on slots for lucky online players.  Perhaps it was the Christmas season that finally inspired the jackpots to begin their own spirit of giving.  Of course it is really a random happenstance, but for some lucky players it may seem more of a Christmas spirit.

Certainly online casinos have been offering a significant amount of tournaments and other bonuses to entice online players for the holiday.  It is just amazing that the same Marvel Hero slot has managed to payout twice in one day.  It has many online players talking and others sitting down to try their luck.

One online player spoke about the jackpots.  She mentioned it was sure luck one game decided to payout in one day.  It makes her wonder if they haven’t been offered the holiday spirit.  The first jackpot was hit early Sunday morning in the United Kingdom.  The total for this jackpot was $14.122.  Before the jackpot was able to make its way back up in a nice size jackpot it was hit again.  The hit was made at 5pm for $6319.00.   This jackpot was again hit by a United Kingdom player.

Cryptologic is unavailable in the United States, which helps keep the UK online players the winners.  Hopefully, in the next month we will be seeing more Marvel hero slots, perhaps even as soon as the first week in January.  The New Year may even provide a lot more excitement.  After all, if the online casino jackpots are paying out at this frequency now, what can we expect for 2010?  There are sure to be more tournaments and large wins at the very least.

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