Major Moolah Jackpot Gets another Hit at Online Casino

Published on: October 23, 2009 

Major Moolah since its release has been one of the top games from Rival Gaming online casino software company.  Every day there are always great chances for online players to win.  However, someone just got lucky.  One winner was one of the lucky ones winning above $17,000.  Lion Slots Online Casino, which is powered by Rival online casino software company is also a United States friendly casino.  This means that the United Kingdom has a little competition.

Something that is very surprising is that Major Moolah seems to be hit about every nine days.  This is the most frequent jackpot to pay out at any casino, online or not.  Rival has a number of different online casino games.  They are one of the more popular places to play actually, because they have top graphics and plenty of jackpots to win.

Already this year there have been 37 players to hit the jackpot.  Major Moolah is sure to be paying out more before the year is over.  Many of the Major Moolah jackpot winnings have been close to $10,000 every time.  The only thing that Major Moolah lacks is progressive jackpots.  They have plenty of jackpot games, but many of them are just regular jackpots.  This could be one reason why they pay out more like in the case of Major Moolah.  Rival is mostly known for their i-Slots or interactive slots.

Their interactive slots provide top of the line graphics.  They also have a number of video game bonus options.  The bonus rounds provide more play.  With plenty of story lines to play the games become more interactive and fun.

Major Moolah has not offered the highest payout for Rival Gaming though.  Rival Gaming offered the highest jackpot with Money Magic.  In this winner the player was able to get $57,000 from the jackpot.  Other games that also tend to pay out include the One Million Reels BC and Strike Gold.  These are typically the highest jackpots with the network.  Both of these slot games have been hit in recent months.  For all online players the signs are positive to begin winning from Rival Gaming.  Of course the slot machines are all about chance, so while in one year Major Moolah will pay out it could be something else very soon that has a higher average payout.  Online players will just have to continue playing to find out.

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