Lucky Player Dealt Bodog Online Casino Billionth Blackjack Hand

Published on: March 9, 2011 

Friday, March 4, 2011 saw plenty of excitement at Bodog Online Casino. The casino broke industry records to become the first online casino to have dealt one billion blackjack hands.

Bodog Casino has entered into the record books as the first online casino to have dealt one billion blackjack hands. This is a significant milestone for the casino and for the online casino industry as a whole. It certain speaks volumes about the popularity of online blackjack and online casino play and those in the industry hope that the message will be heard by those who want to crush all forms of online gambling.

The lucky player was dealt the billionth hand of blackjack at 14:17:23 on Friday, March 4, 2011. Following the 979 millionth hand, every player to be dealt a millionth hand (including the billionth hand) would receive a cash prize of $1,000. Michael H became the last of the winners of the 21 cash prizes of $1,000 and as the holder of the billionth blackjack hand, he was awarded a Billionaire's Experience of his choice.

A second player, Joey W was entered into a draw to win a second Billionaire's Experience. Joey was in the draw with other players who won a blackjack hand prior to the billionth hand being dealt. These two players will each be given the choice of the ability to watch the Monaco Grand Prix 2011 on a luxury yacht or have an exotic holiday on a private island in Fiji.

Mark Leighton, Bodog Casino Manager explained the significance of the moment when he stated: "There are several gaming sites who have dealt a billion poker hands, Bodog included, but to have dealt a billion blackjack card games hands is a very special milestone for the Bodog brand." He continued that "most importantly it's thanks to the loyalty of our players that we have got this far and that cannot be stated enough."

There is no doubt that Michael H and Joey W will enjoy their holidays – regardless of which prize they choose. Bodog has gone all the way to celebrate this momentous occasion.

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