Legalizing online casinos in the USA

Published on: September 13, 2007 

USA based Casino Gambling Web managers will travel to Washington DC to have meetings about legalizing Internet gambling. In particular Internet casino’s run in different states in the USA are still struggling with unclear regulations regarding their business. Online gambling is a popular pastime in the USA and there are more and more people who spend at least a few hours a week on a virtual slot machine or in an online casino. The group think they have a very strong case when it comes to questioning what the exact definition of the federal law is regarding Internet gambling.

In 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. This law was designed to restrict US gambling and casino websites in processing financial transactions of credit card payments for any type of online gambling. This same law also prohibits any kind of illegal Internet gambling under the US federal law or even under the state law.

Things are unclear because it appears that only 11 states are mentioned in connection to the law prohibiting gambling on the Internet. Of course there are more states in the USA and the Group argue that online gambling is legal in these states, as they are not specifically mentioned. Online sports gambling is illegal in the United States and this of course makes the whole online gambling discussing even less clear-cut.

The Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act constructed in the year 2007 is supposed to help establish a relevant and useful regulatory and gambling regulation enforcement legal framework. In aid of USA online casino business activity companies should be able to legally accept bets online from people living in the United States. Lawmakers are also looking at the possibility to make it legal to advertise and operate sports related betting as well as Indian tribe betting on the Internet.

Online casino companies such as the Casino Gambling Web of course fully agree with the implementation of legal rules to support online betting and gambling. Online casinos in America and their representatives have taken the initiative to come up with suggestions to help other businesses in this trade to operate according to the law. It would be a legal requirement for all betting companies and websites to make sure that underage gamblers cannot enter the site and if they can enter the site they should not be able to place bets and take part in any gambling activities. The industry his willing to work under these rules and fully agrees with the fact that the under aged should be kept away from gambling and betting activities in general.

Under the new gambling law proposal, also known as IGREA 2007 online casinos would not be able to operate unless the company behind the service is willing to meet the legal requirements that apply to any type of bet placed on the Internet. All

  • People are not allowed to place bets if they are younger than 18 years of age.

  • The online gambling suite or casino must be under surveillance to combat fraudulent activity, money laundering and compulsive gambling.

  • The gambling site must use mechanisms to make sure that gamblers pay taxes and fees.

  • The person gambling or placing a bet must live in an area where the jurisdiction permits Internet gambling

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