Land Based Companies Gearing Up

Published on: April 14, 2009 

In the US online casinos have not been very welcome.  In fact the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has stopped many online casinos from working in the US.  This is about to change if Barney Frank has anything to say about it.  For months talks have been going on regarding online casinos in the US.  Microgaming was one of the last international corporations to pull their casinos from US players.  Now they may be able to return along with many others.

The laws coming into focus now may allow US land based companies to open up their own online casinos.  We have been seeing this step around the world. France’s top land based casino has entered the European market with an online casino.

Harrah’s is the first US land based casino that will be starting a new company online for casinos.  They have begun designing the site in the hope that the laws will be changed very soon.  The European Union has already had an issue with the gambling law that was passed previously, so it is sure to support a change in what the US allows.  The only difference is that the EU will require the market to be opened up to international online casinos as well as the US land based casinos.

The economy in Las Vegas is suffering.  The economy just cannot support travel by consumers.  This means many of the Las Vegas casinos are losing revenue.  In order to save these casinos it is necessary to allow for online casinos.  The licensing regulations will change and thus will allow the online casinos from international companies seeking licenses.

Harrah’s is not the only company seeking to expand in to the online world. MGM Mirage, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, and others have announced they are wishing to get licenses as well.  Harrah’s worked last week to open up the US industry online by trying to get a license and change the UIGEA rules.

It is certain that the US online casino market is going to change.  How soon it will officially change is still up in the air. For US players this will mean more online casinos to choose from.  More jackpots will be available.  There will also be more welcome bonuses to take advantage of.  The changes may not affect each state, as it is usually up to the state government to make changes as well.  However, the potential is waiting for the moment the legislation changes.

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