Ladbrokes to offer Weekend Bonus

Published on: March 28, 2010 

Ladbrokes announced that they would be holding a new weekend bonus with online slots.  The bonus will be offered between Saturday March 27th and Sunday March 28th.  Players are able to log into Wicked Weekend Bonus at Ladbrokes Casino.  The bonus offers 400 pounds as the prize.  All a player has to do is log into their account and deposit 10 pounds.  As long as you wager that money on Avalon slot game, which is one of the newly released online slots, you will have a chance to win.  Of course, it is a little more complicated than that.  When you play you are placed in the prize drawing.  This means you also have to get lucky and get your name drawn to get the winning prize.

There will be 200 winners selected based on a random program.  Each winner will only be getting 20 pounds of the total prize.  Basically this means you get a hundred percent back of what you spent to play the game.  Any winnings you make during the game are yours to keep.  This means if you hit on a jackpot, bonus, or even get a few pounds off your ten you could really become a top winner.  It all depends on the luck you have this weekend.

Avalon is a five reel 20 pay line slot machine.  It is based on the King Arthur legend.  So you have symbols like the Knights of the Round Table, swords, and much more.  The game offers a jackpot of 15,000 pounds with a chance for 105,000 pounds based on the free spin options.  Whether you’ve played this game before this weekend or not you will have the same chance to win as all the other players.

Ladbrokes Online Casino is one of the top UK online casinos right now.  Their promotions continue to draw players in, especially with their current new player bonus of 50 pounds free.  You get to play these chips on any game you wish.  You also get a chance to try out the Wicked Weekend Bonus.  Ladbrokes has more than just the top slot machines.  They offer poker, table games, arcade games, and much more.  If you like slots or other games you might try Ladbrokes.  Of course there will be a number of other UK online casinos offering tournaments this weekend.  It is also getting towards the end of March Madness so there are still tournaments going on for that too.

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