Ladbrokes Becoming Popular Online Casino

Published on: October 8, 2007 

The English Ladbrokes site is becoming a very popular online casino. The visitor numbers are ever growing and the net profit is showing healthy results. Ladbrokes has wanted to make the most of the possibility to advertise their online gambling site in the UK. Recent research figures have shown that the percentage of UK players visiting an online casino or gambling site is growing rapidly. Along with a clear policy on gambling addiction control and a great customer care program Ladbrokes is one of the first professional online gambling sites available to the UK public.

Advertising makes a big difference for any type of business and of course this is also the case with gambling sites. The fact that the UK law has now been rewritten when it comes to casino advertisements may become a very important factor in the successfulness of sites such as the Ladbroke’s one. Firstly known as the well-established British bookmakers shops throughout the UK, Ladbrokes have now turned into the first ever casino making use of the new and much more lenient UK advertising laws installed recently.

These laws allow gambling sites to actively promote their services and products in the media (in magazines as well as on TV). The 2005 gambling Act that became effective on the 1st of September of this year makes it now possible to advertise for gambling sites as long as the advertisement as well as the advertised site manages to meet certain strict criteria.

Companies are not allowed to make use of advertising tricks and staples such as the use of sexual images or innuendo and they are not allowed to even mention things like deposit bonuses for the casino games or the chance to win a large amount of money. Doing this is absolutely forbidden because of the possibility of players becoming addicted to gambling when they are spurted on to visiting the gambling site. The advertisements that Ladbroke’s are using is aimed at people (mainly men) aged between 18-35. Specifically the target is people who enjoy betting related to sports and mainly to football game betting.

The advertising options are supposed to make people more aware and comfortable with the option of online betting and the fact that companies are now allowed to use the media to become more known is expected to bring a rise in profits of around 20% every year. Ladbroke’s are now tentatively putting out new adverts in magazines to see what the effects are.

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