Kentucky Derby Bets with Online Casinos

Published on: April 30, 2009 

Each year the Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby are some of the biggest sports betting with online gamblers.  Online sports betting at online casinos is nothing new.  In fact since the beginning on the online casino sports betting has been very popular.  In order to bet you need to keep up with the current live races as well as what is expected.

Online casinos provide online video to help individuals bet on the two races.  It is not always possible for individuals to watch TV or be at the two events.  Recognising this, the online casinos want to make sure everyone can view the races wherever they are.  This includes mobile phones.  The online casinos with sports bets do allow for bets to be placed.

The 135th annual Kentucky Derby is being hosted this weekend.  Many of the online casinos are already preparing for the live races.  There are cash back promotions, sign up bonuses, casino credits, and even a Million Dollar Triple Crown Challenge.  These offers not only encourage betting, but payout with nice little bonuses which you do not normally see.  Sure there are many online promotions, but if you are into sports betting and horse races you normally do not get the same options as poker or slot online gamblers.

How the million dollar challenge works is you have to predict the finishing order of the top 10 horses.  This is a lot like the arcade betting game for race horses.  As long as you get the right line up for the Kentucky Derby you get to walk away with a million dollars.  If everyone misses the correct order all is not lost.  The Preakness Stakes will be next.  If no one wins the ten for ten there, the money moves on to the Belmont Stakes.  There is another offer on the table for the online casino sports betting.  There is a Triple Crown Prize Pool.

As the races continue you will also be collecting points.  These points help you win more offers through the online casinos.  The points vary in how you win them.  You can win ten points by predicting the winner.  If you predict the runner up you get nine points.  This is how it works all the way to predicting the tenth spot.

There are plenty of other online sports betting bonuses at the online casinos. is just one place you can go.

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