iPhones Bring Online Gambling Home

Published on: January 16, 2009 

With the world of online gambling growing in leaps and bounds regardless of banning and regulating in some countries, the natural progression of the gaming industry would be towards mobile games and programs.  Online gamblers will not be disappointed as the Macworld 2009 Conference & Expo was recently held in San Francisco with over 40,000 Mac users in attendance.  Attendees and exhibitors alike shared novel and innovative ideas that were related to the Mac OS platform and other Mac products, and one of the many prospective suggestions that came to light during the expo had to do with online gambling and iPhone in 2009.

The iPhone and the new Google G-Phone have already put developers into the mode of innovative design and functionality for the next generation of products.  Part of this is to be able to incorporate online mobile gaming functions into the phones themselves, allowing online casino players to continue playing when they are away from their computer.  In 2009, manufacturers are looking to add the latest features, ease of use, and mobility of mobile phone to both the product and as an online casino option for players.

Already mobile games have made an impact in the online casino community.  Mac users are going to savor the news especially since Poker Stars released their poker community in a Mac-compatible format late in 2008 and their phones have not been able to support it.  Now, they will be able to upgrade and get their games with the new iPhone and this is actually an iPhone industry first.  Additionally, the iPod Touch is also now ready and compatible with the games.

It used to be such a thing that all Mac mobile phone users were limited to the phone models that were listed on their favorite online casino in order to play.  They would then have to wait until they were texted by the casino before downloading the platform and even then there was no guarantee that it would work.  Now Mac users can simply use the iPhone integrated web browser to access their favorite site and simply start to play without downloading a thing.

All of the games that are available on the iPhone mobile are hi-resolution and have fully enhanced in-game effects just like on the computer version.  Tomb Raider, Blackjack, and Major Millions are currently available through Euro Grand and are very popular.  iPhone and iTouch Mobile users can also play at the All Slots Casino in two different modes and All Slots also offers a non-Mac, Java supported version for those players who do not use Mac items.

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