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Published on: August 20, 2012 

The InterHunt is the latest promotion to go live at InterCasino. The online casino states that this is the promotion “where we put your knowledge of our games to the test to earn up to $250 per week!” The more the players have wagered at InterCasino the easier they will find the riddles that have to be solved.

Each week, between August 13 and September 16 players will need to solve a riddle on one of the games offered at InterCasino and guess the game. They will then have to enter the given bonus code, deposit a minimum of $25 and play on the featured game. The players will have to earn 200 cash back points on the game and will then be awarded a bonus of $25. Players may use this bonus code up to 10 times during the promotion period receiving up to a maximum bonus of $250. No wagering requirements are attached to the bonuses.

The featured game during the first week of the promotion was the new online slot game Fire Flies. That was a relatively simple riddle. The second week of the InterHunt promotion at InterCasino will run from August 20 to August 26. The riddle that will lead players to the featured game is “Travel to the Caribbean and test your skills at the table. The dealer awaits with a 52-card deck in hand.” The promotions page at the InterCasino web site shows a blurred screen shot of the game table. Expert players should be able to immediately recognize the game from the riddle and the screen shot. For new players, InterCasino offers a small hint at its promotions page.

The July Infographics InterCasino Headlines is also now available at the online casino web site. In July, InterCasino players won jackpots totalling $ 688,148. Monday was declared the luckiest day of the week during July. In total, InterCasino players won more on Mondays than on any other day of the week, thus altering the popular perception that most wagering takes place on weekends. The luckiest country in July was the Baltic nation of Estonia. This little known country has a booming economy and the highest level of personal and economic freedoms in the world according to the State of World Liberty Index. This is the perfect recipe for online casino wagering. The Infographics InterCasino Headlines has also picked out the luckier gender for July. The newsletter says, “Some would argue that women are luckier than men. They live longer for one. They are also generally given priority of evacuation in dangerous situations. Well, at InterCasino, judging by our July stats, men were the luckier gender.”

InterCasino is powered by software from Cryptologic. It is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Commission of Malta.

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