Icelands Volcanic Ash Might Offer More Online Casino Players

Published on: April 19, 2010 

Air travel in Europe has been highly disrupted, especially for those trying to travel to or from the United Kingdom.  The gritty ash makes it impossible for flights to get in and out of countries.  It is likely that the ash cloud will create a huge delay in any flights for the next several days.  Some people have rerouted their travel using vehicles to get to a new location.  Others have been able to change their flight destinations in order to get where they were initially going.

The ash has disrupted air travel so much so that there were no flights over the sky on Friday.  There were 28,000 flights which were affected.  The UK stated they are restricting flights in and out until 1pm on Saturday.  Scotland and Northern Ireland have also cancelled numerous flights.

So why could Iceland’s volcanic ash help online casinos?  The answer is fairly easy.  Anyone who is waiting to fly out and is stuck at the airport or a hotel might turn to another form of entertainment.  Certainly being outside is no fun with the cloud hanging over countries.  It is likely that anyone who has an internet connection over the next few days will probably try to find some form of online entertainment.

The United Kingdom is well known for having some of the most popular online casinos.  Since it is also the weekend there it is a sure bet many of these online casinos have promotions and tournaments one can join.

What better way to make up for lost air travel and the expense of travelling than to win it all back in an online casino.  Mobile gambling has been a huge success in recent months with applications for the iPhone and mobile phone browsers.  Anyone with an internet connection, whether at an airport or in a car travelling, have the opportunity to log in and take away their boredom.

Tournaments that are being held this weekend include poker, table games and slot machines.  In fact the slot machines are bound to be the most popular.  A tournament with slot machines allows a small fee to be paid for credits to be played on the machine.  At the end of the weekend after this ash cloud has disappeared there will be several online winners announced.  However, competition might be a little tougher since it seems online casinos are the place to be for the next few days.

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