Growth in Currencies Supported By Online Casinos

Published on: November 16, 2009 

In recent months there have been changes to how online casinos operate.  Many online casinos are trying to make it easier for online players to continue having fun and take chances winning.  The trouble is countries like the United Kingdom are worried about debt.  For this reason the online casinos have seen an increase in their taxes, and numerous casinos have left for Gibraltar where the taxes are not as high.  There is less taxation in other words.  As a result of the regulation issues of the past many online casinos were unable to offer certain options.

With the move to other countries where regulations are not as firm, online casinos can add a few different payment methods.  Some online casinos are now accepting more methods such as credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, prepaid cards, and bank transfers.  Along with the several methods for getting money into an online account online casinos are making it easier to place the money in an account based on local currency.

In fact online casinos are focusing more on localisation of their sites.  This means if you live in France you can play Euros even in a United Kingdom site.  Most of the online sites have used the American dollar as their currency.  Part of the reason is that the online world has numerous American players, as opposed to other countries.  PayPal for one deals in US currency a lot.

But all of this is going to be changing since the online casinos are now accepting more currencies.  32Red announced they will accept Australian dollars from their Australian players.  They already have an online casino catering to Australia; however, in the past it has been US currency or nothing.  This is not the only online casino to make changes.

It also helps that NETeller, Moneybookrs, and others are accepting different currencies now too.  It will definitely help players keep a more accurate accounting.  With everything in USD one must convert the money back to local currency before understanding how much has been lost.  The change in accepting more currencies will help online players stay out of debt.  At least that is what the online casinos are hoping.  They want the consumer to feel more comfortable spending and winning by knowing just what they are doing without having to convert the money all the time.  32 Red is one of the larger international casinos, but others will also follow.

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