Google and Online Casinos

Published on: June 2, 2010 

Google made an announcement today regarding online casinos.  Google TV is going to begin to make finding online casinos easier for users.  Under Google TV features there will be an area for individuals to find online casinos.  For example, Sony and Logitech viewers are going to be made available to enhance the television experience on the internet.  What this means is that special devices can be downloaded from Google Chrome to access the television.  Channels that might be restricted now will be available to those who want to use online television.

So how is this going to make online casinos easier to find?  Well, part of the whole package is finding ways to get advertisements on Google TV.  It is not enough that Google has the offering because they need to get revenue to keep television open.  Google stated in their announcement they expect a number of online casinos will begin to advertise on their television stations in order to gain more customers.  This makes it easier for online players to choose which casino they trust.

It is more than looking in a search engine for information.  Furthermore there are countries like the United Kingdom that offer television gambling.  People tend to trust television gambling sites a little more because of the package it takes to get on a channel.  The bigger casinos who have the money to have television gambling will also be advertising their main online casino options.

NetPlay is one company with a package option for online gambling sites to go on television.  If Google TV takes off like the rest of Google packaging it will mean millions of people around the globe use the television to watch favourite shows, and gamble.  Google stated their device is not yet available in the US, but should be coming in the fall. The device will make Google Online TV compatible with televisions, Blu-ray and companion boxes.

This announcement and the potential growth for online casinos show how the future is going.  The future is going to be the internet for all fun and games including television shows.  The fact that Google has decided to open their doors to online casino ads is another step in the American demand for casino law changes.  There is still a fight in Washington DC to legalise gambling.  Google may have to hold off in the US with their online casino ads, but UK viewers should expect to see them soon.

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