Golden Riviera Offers Great Rewards Opportunities

Published on: February 11, 2014 

Golden Riviera Casino is a name that is known throughout the entire online casino industry. They have established themselves as a top brand in the several years they have been in business, and they have set a number of precedents when it comes to how they conduct business. One of the ways that they have really set an example for other online casinos is with how they handle their loyalty program. They have one of the best programs in the industry because they have listened to what the players' wants and needs are, and they have built their program around that.

The core of the Golden Riviera Casino is a point measurement called C-Bucks. C-Bucks are earned based on your real money play in their games, and you can exchange these points for cash and other cool stuff. You earn C-Bucks at better rates based on your loyalty program tier, and there are four tiers: Green Lounge, Silver Lounge, Gold Lounge and Platinum Lounge. You earn 1 C-Buck per $10 wagered at the Green level, 1.25 at Silver, 1.5 at Gold and 2 at the Platinum level.

How you improve through the levels is pretty important since Golden Riviera Casino does that differently than most online casinos. Instead of having to earn a certain number of points in a month to maintain your level, you get to keep your level for the life of your account once you earn it. Everyone starts out at the Green Lounge level. You need 1,000 C-Bucks to get to the Silver Lounge level or 6,000 to get to the Gold Lounge level. Once you accumulate 20,000 C-Bucks, you're put on the Platinum Lounge level where you will stay for the rest of the life of your account. That's all there is to it.

Golden Riviera Casino also gives out special rewards for your birthday as long as you're an active player. Green Lounge members get 3,000 C-Bucks as a special present, Silver Lounge players are given 7,000 C-Bucks, 25,000 C-Bucks are there for Gold Lounge players, and Platinum Lounge players get 40,000 C-Bucks along with $50 cash. These special birthday prizes are great examples of how Golden Riviera Casino really goes out of their way to give players extra value so that they can boost their bankrolls and maximize their chances of winning the big jackpots that everybody loves.

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