Gaming Commission Study proves Online Gambling is On the Rise in UK

Published on: August 1, 2007 

In a recent study performed by the UK Gambling Commission, whose mission is to regulate gambling in the public interest, it was found that online gambling and other remote gambling related activities (gambling via mobile phones and digital TV) are on the rise in the UK.  

The study, which surveyed 8,000 adults, was meant to aid the Commission in distinguishing between all the different types of remote gambling methods, for example, PC’s, interactive digital TV and mobile phones as well as measuring the use of these methods, individually or as a remote gambling whole.  

The key statistics that the survey uncovered are:

  1. The percentage of adults surveyed who said they participated in at least one form of remote gambling within the previous month is up from 7.4% in 2006 to 8.6% today. 

  2. The percentage drops to 5.9% if those who only remotely play the National Lottery are excluded but is still up form last years 5.2%

  3. The most popular method of remote gambling in the UK is via a computer, a laptop or a handheld device.  This percentage was 6.7% (up from 5.2% in 2006).

  4. Up from last years 2.2%, 2.9% say they have accessed a gambling service using their mobile phones.

  5. And respondents who gambled via interactive digital television was slightly on the rise compared to last year (up only .1%).

  6. The report also acknowledges that remote gambling activities are more likely to be accessed by males than females.  And comparing by age, the 18-34 year age group is the highest percentage.

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