Gaming Club Online Slots Tourney

Published on: January 28, 2012 

Gaming Club online casino offers regular online tournaments in slots games. The most awaited one is the Monthly Monster held towards the end of every month. The January Monthly Monster online tournament is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Already almost 100 players have registered for the event and places are filling up fast.

The Monthly Monster online tournament is a seven day event. Players can register their score anytime during this period. The Gaming Club online casino toppers on the leader board will share the $25,000 prize pool. The prize pool distribution is unique in this online slot tournament. The top 25 players will each get $1,000. This makes the wagering a little less aggressive, but all prize winners take home an amount that is worthwhile. Many of the players have received their entries through the qualifying online slots tournaments. Those Gaming Club online casino players who have not been lucky enough to qualify can pay the $25 buy in and register.

The rules of the Monthly Monster online tournament are simple. It is a single round event. All players start with a 30,000 coin stack and are given 25 minutes of wagering. The minimum bet is 30 coins and the maximum bet is 300 coins. If at the end of their allotted time the Gaming Club online casino players are happy with the score they can exit the tournament. Otherwise they have options for extending their play. The first option is the Rebuy Option and players can avail up to ten of these. Each rebuy will cost $25 and provide the player with a 30,000 coin stack and 25 minutes of wagering time. Those Gaming Club online casino players who do not want to spend so much can go for the less costly Continue Play Option. Each continue play will cost $15 and provide the player with a 18,000 coin stack and 15 minutes of wagering time.

The Gaming Club Monthly Monster tournament will be played on the popular slot game Thunderstruck II. The interface is slightly different from the one that is encountered during normal wagering. This tournament interface reveals the player’s leader board position in real time. It also offers useful information like the amount of time left and the number of Rebuy and Continue Play options available. Thunderstruck II is a 243 ways to win slot game with bonus games and free spins. The payout potential is huge and Gaming Club online casino players build up huge totals whenever this slot game features in an online tournament.

Gaming Club online casino is powered by software from Microgaming. It is licensed to offer online gaming services by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

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