Gambling Kingz Announces 2009 Awards

Published on: December 24, 2009 

Gambling Kingz is just one online site that has decided to begin offering annual awards to online sites.  There are numerous other sites who have weighed in on their opinions.  So far this is what has been found regarding annual awards for where the best of the best online casino gambling can be found for online players.  If you are looking for a new online casino these little awards may help.

Casino Action was named the best overall casino for 2009.  It is said that they have top technology, innovation and creativity.  The creativity is awarded based on the new games.  They also have good customer service and pay processing.  It seems this year they have been the most consistent in their abilities, tournaments and paying out to players.

Next on the list is All Slots.  All Slots is considered the best slots casino on the web.  They are certainly the most devoted to offering numerous slots.  They tend to have more slots than any other online place, as well as some of the other popular online casino games.  All Slots launches new slot games and other games each month.  Slot players will find rewards programmes and slot tournaments.

Microgaming is considered the best online promotion for 2009.  Microgaming is actually a software company for slots, but they also have online casinos.  They offered the Grand Slam of Slots and the first Million Euro prize to online players.  These occurred at Ladbrokes Casino, which is powered by their software.

The Best Game for 2009 is Batman Slots.  Batman was released by Cryptologic with a top “wow.”  This slot was released after the latest Batman movie in 2008.  However, it has remained on top.  The slot is based on the comic book hero and is located at  Cryptologic has offered a number of DC and Marvel comic slots in the last two years.  They even have an exclusive contract to continue in their releases of comic book heroes and heroines.

The last award was Best Social Responsibility.  This was given to 888Holdings.  888. com has been one of the most active online casinos ever.  They provide for charity projects.  For several years now they have a group of charities not only in the United Kingdom, but Israel, Gibraltar and Antigua that they will donate to.  It seems if you want a great company willing to help others this is the place to be.  These awards are just something online sites have come up with, so do your own research to find your most favourite online casino.

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