Gambling Dot Come Has Anounced Re-Launch

Published on: January 24, 2008, one of the Internets largest online gambling search-driven portals, announced today that it has relaunched their website.  New and improved, the site has gone from being simply search driven to content laden, making it a better portal and overall gambling site for its members and the public alike.  The website contains gamin information and sports pages, new interactive functions, and the ability for members to now add their comments to the many gambling articles that can be found on the site as well as communicate with other members in an effort to share their ideas, opinions, and general information.

The original website was launched in 1997 by Media Corporation plc.  The owners felt the need to revamp the format and give their members a more comprehensive site instead of just a portal to others.  Members will now find up to date and unbiased information, and advanced search engine, the latest news and features, advice, expert written strategy guides, and more.  A new member’s forum has been added for the members to network as well as a blog area, and voting booth.  Management wants their members to form a social community which is the reason behind the forums.  The site also includes a new sports news section which covers all the major sports news from around the world.  The sports news section even now includes video content which is updated on a regular basis.

Managing Director James McBriar is very happy with the way the new site has turned out.  The new website is the way he had envisioned it, a ‘gateway for visitors’.  He wanted the site to be welcoming and trustworthy and provide their members with all the latest poker happenings available.  He also wants the site to be a good place for their members to get current information on the constantly changing UK government policy on online gambling.

The new format offers links to reliable gaming sites, a bi-weekly newsletter, opportunities for advertisers, and a keyword search.  The sites new layout is very user friendly and easy to read and understand. also offers their members and guests links to forums offering help with gambling addiction and instructions on how to gamble wisely.  There is also a link to the gambling commission so that users can see what new policies are being considered, and a link to gamblers anonymous.’s new format is a welcome site and members are already flocking back to it for all of their online gambling needs.

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