Gambling Addictions Growing in Online Casinos

Published on: March 2, 2009 

The US is one of the major supporters of making online casinos illegal because of gambling addiction.  The US does not want to see their residents get further into debt because of gambling at online casinos.  A few years ago action was taken to outlaw online casinos.  A few companies have held on through the years like Cryptologic and Microgaming.  Sadly Microgaming has also pulled out of the US due to the pressure.  However, this is not stopping gambling addictions in the US or the rest of the world.

Places such as Japan, Asia, Europe, and even South American countries are worried about gambling addiction.  If it had not been for new laws in the EU many of those countries would not be offering online casinos, just land based operations.

What the government does not seem to realize is that by making the gambling in online casinos illegal they are just asking for more individuals to play online.  It seems since 2006 the amount of online gamblers have doubled due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.  Furthermore, companies have found ways to bring online casinos to the US customers or other parts of the world by circumventing the laws.

While it may seem that gambling addiction is increasing some areas know differently.  The UK is one country that has not outlawed online casinos.  In fact they welcome online casinos, but there are some insurance measures in place.  More and more online casinos are adopting these same practices.

Instead of just allowing anyone on the site, more companies are sharing information regarding customer base.  While there are privacy laws in effect one online casino can still learn if that person is spending too much on gambling.  What they do is ask how much the consumer believes they will spend on gambling in a month.  They allow a deposit to be made, but if a further deposit is asked for the online casino can hold the deposit to stop the gambling.  In other words they are looking for patterns regarding gambling addiction.  They are also limiting the ways an individual can make a deposit into their online casino account.  By making it more difficult to use credit cards online casino gamblers will not be able to fund their addiction and become further in debt.  In some areas gambling addiction may be increasing for the simple reason that they are not allowed to be in the online casinos legally.

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