French Land Based Casino to Offer 3D Online Casino

Published on: February 22, 2009 

The owner of a French land casino, Lucien Barriere just announced that he will be offering something new in the online casino industry.  Barriere Hotels and Casinos will be offering the first 3D online casino to the UK.  The online casino will not be available to any other country for the first year.  The web address of the new casino is

Online casinos have thus far been able to give players their favorite online casino games.  These online casino games are similar to those found in the land based casinos.  However, they are all 2D rather than 3D.  The idea for a three dimensional online casino has been the interest of more than one company.  It just happens that Lucien Barriere will be the first to offer the online casino with 3D.

Players will be allowed to create an online virtual character.  The characters will resemble avatars like we have already seen in online gaming worlds.  Before the gambler can begin at the online casino they must visit the dressing room.  The dressing room allows the player to adopt any appearance that they wish.  Then they get to go out on the casino floor to play the games.  Roulette, blackjack, and slots are just a couple of the games that will be available in the 3D online casino. announced that they wanted to be the first online casino to offer something different than any other.  They also wanted it to resemble the land based casinos by giving it the 3D touch.  The idea is to recreate Lucien Barriere’s casino in an online world, which offers the same games.

Many believe that Barriere is the best person and company to offer the 3D model.  They have been in business over 40 years with their land based casinos.  They already have a foot in the market; it is just expanding it to the online casino world. is set to be available in March in which players get to earn real money or play just for fun.  They are also going to be offering a mobile version of the online casino.  This means no matter where a player is, as long as they have internet access they will be able to sign in and begin playing with their 3D character for earnings.  Nothing like this has yet been offered on the mobile internet, so this will be another first for Barriere.

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