Facebook Bans Online Casino Ads

Published on: December 20, 2009 

The online casino industry continues to have its problems.  Numerous countries believe that online casinos are bad and that they create more debt for their citizens.  In truth there are certain individuals who have gambling addictions, but as usual the news and non supporters of online casinos tend to record these issues and play them out more than positive news.

United States players are constantly struggling not only to find a site but to keep any jackpots they have won.  In the United Kingdom there are some tough taxes for online casinos, but at least online casino companies have been able to remain active for their United Kingdom players.

Now a new issue is arising regarding online casinos.  Facebook, a highly popular online social media site has decided to ban online casino ads.  Facebook has had a policy regarding certain content.  They reserve the right to ban certain things that they find objectionable.  In a new announcement they stated that online casino advertising will no longer be allowed or welcome on their site. It is not a huge surprise that this announcement was made.  There have been many legal battles with online casinos in recent months, particularly within the US.

These legal battles are becoming highly popular and it casts a shadow on online casinos, which can also cast aspersion on any place that allows the advertising.  Facebook is working to remove all online gambling ads and gambling profiles.  It will take quite a while for the effect to take place since Facebook is a huge site. They will have to work hard to maintain a clear site of objectionable ads, especially the casino ones.  It may be that filters will be added soon to help cut down on the extra work that will be required.

Anyone who is involved in the online casino industry should work quickly to create a redirection away from Facebook so that other interested parties can see the ads.  You may have to work on redirecting numerous gambling ads on many sites, as the most prominent are working hard to “clean” up their websites of content they find inappropriate.

The online casino world will continue to change and be modified.  As some countries close their doors others will open them.  Players will still be able to find their favourite sites for a long time, even with more objections coming up from all sides of the internet and regular world.

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