eWalletXpress Leaves US Market

Published on: December 2, 2010 

It has been revealed that eWalletXpress has had its funds seized by a federal warrant which has led to the site announcing that it is unable to service the US any longer.

After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) came into effect in 2006, US players had their opportunity to pay for online gambling narrowed down considerably but found that there were quite a few good ePayment options available, one of them being eWalletXpress.

However, at the beginning of November 2010, US online gamblers started reporting that when they accessed their eWalletXpress accounts they found that they were not online and were informed that eWalletXpress was having technical difficulties and would soon be back online.

At the time, online gamblers were wondering if the technical difficulties would be fixed or if eWalletXpress intended leaving the US market due to fear that the federal government would be bringing charges against them or because US is getting ready to open up the borders of online gambling. Should this happen, it is presumed that all payment processors must be out of the United States.

The real reason for eWalletXpress having faded out at sites usually serving the US online gambling market came to light after eWalletXpress made a surprise announcement stating "We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to continue service at this time due to a federal warrant issued to seize our funds."

Evidently a warrant from the US government was issued against the group and seizures of funds have already begun. There are not many more details about the warrant but it is clear that eWalletXpress is no longer an option for US player until further notice.

It is presumed that eWalletXpress will leave the US market permanently in order to avoid prosecution in the same manner as what Neteller did a few years ago when they had $55 million in funds seized. It was only after the giant payment company agreed to pay a hefty fine that players were able to receive their funds.

However, it is felt that those with funds in their eWalletXpress account will need to wait until things have been clarified by the group before they see their money again.

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