eWalletXpress confirms American closure

Published on: January 20, 2011 

eWalletXpress, the online payment processor that until recently was a popular means of transferring funds for US online gamblers, has revealed that it is under investigation by the United States authorities.

Toward the end of November 2010, eWalletXpress announced that it would be unable to permit US gamblers to deposit or withdraw funds due to “technical difficulties” and rumors began circulating that federal authorities had seized the funds.

A statement issued by the group this week confirmed these fears and US-based online players logging in to eWalletXpress have been advised that the company’s services are not available to customers who reside in the United States.

Customers to the site have been greeted with a welcome screen addressed to them stating

“Dear Customers,

You all may already be aware of the fact that eWalletXpress has been out of service since November last year.

At this point we must regretfully inform you that our funds and accounts were seized by the United States Government as part of a confidential investigation. We have contacted the U.S. investigating agencies and are currently negotiating with them. At present, eWalletXpress is unable to access these funds or return them to you because the money is no longer in our custody or control.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Due to the sensitivity of the situation we were not able to notify you earlier and we do sincerely apologize again for any inconvenience you may have suffered.

We are grateful for your patronage over the years and are trying our best to resolve this issue quickly.

Best Regards


Many US online players who had money on the e-wallet are now worried that they will be left without recourse but they have been assured by eWalletXpress customer service agents that their funds will eventually be received by them and that they are at present working to get the money back.  These agents do not, however, know when this will take place.

e-Wallet Neteller was also closed to US-based players four years ago after which its customers were forced to wait for more than six months for the return of their funds.

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