EU Wants to Open Online Gambling

Published on: March 31, 2009 

The European Union or EU wants to open up online casino gambling.  They have been discussing changes in the last couple of years.  Their most recent target has been the US for their disregard of the rules.  The US has not opened its doors to the online casino world for international casinos.  Furthermore they seem to block most online casino sites.

While there has been much discussion on the part of the US and their practices, there is much more going on.  Europe has also been a target for changes, but until recently little was being talked about.

The European market for online casinos is now being asked to open its doors.  For several years there have been state monopolies which have stopped other online casinos from getting into certain areas.  These companies are now saying this is not lawful and has called the EU to look into things.  State monopolies are basically illegal according to the EU.  The states are supposed to be open to anyone in business so that they can make as much money in the market.

France is one of the first places that will be changing how things are done in the online casino market.  They are opening their doors to foreign online casinos and widening their laws a bit.  This is somewhat of a blow to the Le Croupier online casino industry.  For a long time now Le Croupier has had a monopoly in France as a land casino and now as an online casino.  With the French opening the doors to other online casinos Le Croupier may have to say goodbye to their monopoly.

Le Croupier just announced last month that they would be offering a 3D internet casino site.  This 3D opportunity is unlike any other.  The decision to allow other casinos into the mix may stop Le Croupier from getting all the revenue they were planning on.

Their biggest competitor at the outset is going to be the UK online casinos.  UK online casinos have been taking the world by storm wherever they could get access.  They are the first to announce they will enter France with a French online casino.

Still Le Croupier has launched their new site with casino games and intends to add more.  They are hoping the brand name is going to provide enough support coupled with the addition of more games and the 3D technology to be the top competitor.

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