EU Talks About US Online Gambling Ban

Published on: June 11, 2009 

The European Union has been requesting that the US drop their ban on online casinos.  The EU wants to see the US open global trade for online casinos since it falls under fair trading laws which the EU supports.  There are global trade agreements in effect which the EU has stated any ban on online casinos is not adhering to.  This is not the first time the EU has spoken out about the global trade agreement and the failure of certain countries to open their doors.

Several countries belonging to the EU have been asked to open up their online casino policies in order to allow foreign companies a chance at the market.  Some countries like France and Sweden have moved forward, while others have still refused to change their ways.  The US is one of the countries still invoking the ban they placed on online casinos in 2006.

The EU is just one of the groups asking for the US to open their doors to foreign trade when it comes to the online casino industry.  There are representatives in the US government who have been trying to pass new bills.  The Justice Department and Executive Branch are still holding strong in regards to the ban.  Those against it say that it is to ensure underage gambling does not occur and to ensure that gambling addiction cannot become a problem.

The EU is now talking about demanding compensation for the unfair trade practices.  They of course would rather have the US open up the online industry and end the issue amicably.  Still the EU is investigating the US policy when it comes to internet gambling operators.  The RGA is paramount to the current discussions.

They have lodged complaints against the US as have other companies.  In fact some places in the US have horse racing businesses which operate online and overseas.  Yet, the US is blocking any international company from doing the same in the US.  Prosecution regarding the foreign companies is still ongoing even though they have pulled out of the US.  The EU has alleged along with other companies that the US is going about what they want without fear of reprisal.  EU officials have stated that they hope the new president will change the stance to open up fair trade in order to stimulate the world economy.  They also hope for a peaceful solution.

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