EU Calling US Gambling Position Illegal

Published on: March 27, 2009 

The European Commission has been looking at a variety of different countries over the last year that belongs to the EU.  They have ruled any country a part of the EU that is not allowing online gambling will soon be found to be blocking the online casino world illegally.  This is not new news, but the recent report from the EU regarding the US position may just make things change a little quicker.

The EU has been giving the US a period of time to adjust to the online casinos.  In other words they are supposed to be allowing online casinos re-entry into the US; however, they have not.  In fact the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 has been a huge controversy because the US does not wish to abolish the act.

Yesterday the EU stated that they would be taking the problem to the World Trade Organization.  The EU wants to open up online access to online casinos in all EU companies, whether the companies are foreign or not.  Since the US is still restricting online casinos, they are soon going to have to face changes to allow these foreign companies in.

The report released yesterday took things a step further.  The EU feels that the US unfairly targeted PartyGaming and SportingBet for prosecution based on the companies being foreign.  These companies were prosecuted, while the US companies doing the same unlawful acts did not get prosecuted.

The US continued to prosecute the companies, even after they withdrew from the US market.  The EU is still finding the prosecutions unlawful and unnecessary, due to the fact that the companies left the US market.

This is a negative for the US right now, and they certainly do not need more.  Many are hoping that the new president will help strengthen relations between other countries rather than continue in the negative, but everyone will have to wait and see.  For now though, the EU is still finding the prosecutions and monopoly on the US market illegal.  The US is not the only country to still be blocking other companies outside of their own.

The waiting game will continue to determine which countries will again let other online casinos have a chance at the market.  The issue inside the US is that not all states allow gambling, which makes it equally difficult for a foreign online casino to catch a break.

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