Ethoca Limited to expand their operations

Published on: November 25, 2007 

In an announcement yesterday, Ethoca Limited, who is a leading fraud management company, spoke of a new addition to their fraud fighting partners. William Hill Plc, the parent company to William Hill Poker, is now a part of the collaborative network of online card rooms and gaming companies who will fight against possible online fraud by sharing data, experience, and applicable information in a secure, automated, ethical and incredibly effective manner.

In the release was a comment by Steven Reid, Director of Interactive Businesses at William Hill, “Our ecommerce and fraud management system is already one of the best, and it just got better. By using Ethoca's service we can securely and effectively co-operate with other companies to beat fraud. Collaborating with other companies to fight fraud is right for our business and our customers."

Companies including 888 Holdings the parent company to Pacific Poker, Bwin Poker and their parent company have already been working in the Ethoca network of companies. With the addition of William Hill the information and fraud experiences will improve the fight and security of the gaming and poker online network. Ethoca now boast nearly 30 percent of major online betting and card gaming companies participation in their network.

Ethoca is based in Dublin, Ireland, and maintains international offices in Canada, with the ability to enable any company who’s customers are not ‘in shop’ to perform transactions to make the most informed decision about said transactions by exchanging fraud experience data. Ethoca uses the business transaction data submitted by the partner companies to assist clients in determining the fraud risk for each transaction preformed. This method allows businesses to know what the best balance between permissible transactions, fraud risk levels, coupled with fraud management costs.

With much of the debate regarding online gambling, poker rooms and casinos, focused on the development of fraud management, Ethoca is endeavoring to alleviate such obstacles. It has been expressed by many countries, such as Israel and the United States as justification of the difficult laws, which have been put into place. Countries such as the United Kingdom and South Africa have taken a regulatory approach; with the United Kingdom requiring the industry to self govern to an assurance of safe wagering in the online environment. As can be seen in the growing Ethoca network, this is the direction many of the ‘non traditional’ poker rooms, gambling and casino areas are moving, both for their own protection and for the protection of their customers.

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