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Published on: February 4, 2009 

American online casino and poker room players have been avoiding their favorite online gaming websites simply because the government found a way to keep them from putting money into their online gambling accounts and taking it back out again.  When the UIGEA was introduced in 2006, many online casino sites pulled their domains from American players.  But now more and more Americans are going back to the sites that still accept them and they are looking for a way to deposit money into their accounts.  American players have a big disadvantage compared to their European counterparts when it comes to depositing their money.  The options are considerably fewer and it is very frustrating for them.

Enter eCheck.  eCheck has become the fastest and the most reliable money option American players have available to them.  American players who have access to eCheck are finding that they are once again welcome to online casinos that had previously banned them.  Players and casino operators are finding that this method is working out well for everyone involved.

"I have used eCheck several times to make my deposits into my two favorite casinos, Cherry Red and Rushmore. I have never had a hang up and I will continue to use this service as long as it remains available," said online player HectorCMoney.

eCheck is very easy to use and it is exactly what it sounds like: an electronic check.  Players can use the eCheck – which is virtually instant – to deposit money into their accounts.  The money is transferred from the check right into the players online casino account, and within moments players can start playing their favorite games on their favorite online casino or poker site.  The eCheck’s are user friendly and American players can once again get back into the swing.

Cherry Red and Rushmore are two of the most popular online casino sites that are currently offering the eCheck option to American players.  Cherry Red has not been around for more than a year with Rushmore being around considerably longer.  Both use the eCheck option because it is user friendly, reliable, and easy for American players to access and use.

As more and more online casino websites welcome back American players, many of them may find the eCheck option worth adding to their roster of deposit and withdrawal options.  The more American players find out about eCheck, the more likely they will be to use something of this nature that allows them the freedom to game all they want.

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