Deal with PartyGaming

Published on: June 15, 2009 

PartyGaming has just made a new deal, which increased their stock this week.  PartyGaming is an online casino providing players with slot machines, table games, and much more.  For the London Stock Exchange there was some definite increase in trading due to the Channel 5 deal made with the online casino.  Channel 5 is going to offer casino and bingo games on television for the casino.  Friday the stock closed at $260.75 a share, starting out at $235.75 on Monday.  That is quite a good climb for the week.

The deal is going to allow for Channel 5 to create bingo and casino eGaming services for the UK.  PartyGaming has been a top leader in the online casino industry, so with both companies working at this new option there will be plenty more for players.  PartyGaming has been trying to increase their options, especially now that the settlement with the US has been made.  The US has been hard on foreign casinos, and finally PartyGaming has been able to get past the US to become a strong leader in the UK.  They are considered the most stable gaming stock to own in the UK.  Other online casinos like Ladbrokes and a US company have been stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to increased market shares.  PartyGaming has been the only one to have a significant increase, and in one week.

Many experts are waiting to see what happens next with PartyGaming’s deal with Channel 5.  Experts are hoping the stock will continue to climb higher now that the deal has been announced and when everything launches.  PartyGaming is not the only casino to be making deals.

Other online casinos have been working hard to gain more prominence in the online world.  One company made a deal with a television channel to host the WSOP for Europe, since ESPN will no longer be offering that option.

Many online casinos are also upgrading their online options with a live person for the table games being offered.  They want to bring the excitement one gets in a land casino online.  To do this they create avatars, video links, and other options so that the players at home feel like they are in a land casino.  The industry is definitely changing with more casinos online, the ability to log in on mobile phones, and now deals with TV channels for upgrading a consumer’s experience.

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