Danish Resubmit New Online Casino Laws

Published on: June 14, 2010 

It is no secret that the European Union has strived to get countries to change their gambling laws.  They have asked that any member in the EU open up fair trading in the online casino industry, whereas in the past many countries have had a monopoly.  While some places like the United States are still holding out others are attempting to answer the requirements of the EU like the Danish.

The Danish government passed some rather liberal laws for their online casino industry on June 4th.  However, the European Union had a few issues with the new laws.  They have asked parliament to reassess the laws.  There have already been complaints made about the new laws, which is the reason the EU has stepped in to have the new laws overlooked.  The complaints focus primarily from the land based casinos and the tax provisions regarding their move into the online casinos.

The law is supposed to come into effect in January 2011, which leaves plenty of time for the Danish government to rework any unfair aspects of the new laws.  The new laws will ask for licensing and taxation of online casinos.  Denmark is not the first to attempt this licensing and taxation.  In fact the United Kingdom has been very successful in their gambling laws.  The only trouble for the United Kingdom has come in their raising of taxes last year for online casinos.  The taxes were raised to an unfair advantage for online casinos, at least in their opinion.  It has forced many to leave for other countries like Gibraltar where they pay fewer taxes.

The UK is reworking their tax structure now when it comes to the online casinos.  They are trying to tax the casinos that left.  In other words, any online casino who wants to operate in the UK must pay the appropriate taxes and have a licence to operate in the UK.  Their example is being used by other countries as a base line.  For Denmark, they are using a similar system though the taxes are under question right now.  Party Gaming has stated they will enter Denmark if the taxes are corrected.  The EU will even allow the market to be opened soon if they can get their laws straightened out.  It has to do with fair trade options.  The land based casinos do not want the online casinos to have a 20 percent advantage.

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