Cyber World Group of Golden Palace Casino Charged 2 Million Dollars

Published on: December 3, 2007 

Cyber World Group a leader in online gambling and the ones responsible for one of the largest and most reputable online casino brands (Golden Place Casino) have pleaded guilty to charges in Quebec on illegal gambling. In lieu these charges questions are not being raised regarding the First Nations’ right to hand give out gaming license to companies wishing to run online gaming operations.

The company which administers servers located at the Kanawake Mohawk Indian reserve have pleaded guilty to two charges in September and are due to pay a fine of $2.0 Million CND says the CBC’s French radio service which learned of the news last week.

These charges laid against a reputable company employing many people have been the first in the online gaming space within Quebec and have raised questions as to whether or not the Mohawks have the authority to give out gaming licenses.

The gaming industry truly is booming and Kahnawake has been reaping the benefits with hundreds of gaming sites including online casinos, poker rooms, bingo and sportsbooks operating within the reserve. Thanks to Mohawk Internet Technology (MIT) the gaming sites hosted within Kahnawake have access to the best fiber optic connections in addition to power services and more making them a prime for doing what they do.

It has been said that more than 60% of the worlds online gambling traffic is funneled though servers that are hosted on the Khanawake reserve.

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