Cryptologic Upgrades Marvel Deal

Published on: June 23, 2009 

Cryptologic announced Monday that they are going to be extending their deal with Marvel Entertainment.  In 2005 Cryptologic signed a deal with Marvel to use some of the top comic personalities.  The extension is not the only one that has happened between the two companies.  This time the extension is going to last until 2013.  Cryptologic is one of the top online gaming software companies.  Marvel has a number of comic books over the last half of the century.  These comic books have not only been very popular, but also been made into movies.

Adding their creations to the online gaming world is just another step up.  Since 2005, seventeen online slot games have been created based on the Marvel Comic superheroes.  Spider- man, the Hulk, and Xmen are just a few of the slots.  Fantastic Four, Blade, and Punisher are others.  Cryptologic has recently signed another deal. This deal is going to offer their slot games on different platforms to reach more casinos.  In the next few months there will definitely be new Marvel comic slots.

These slot machines will be the same calibre as the last seventeen games.  Brian Hadfield, the president of Cryptologic spoke about the new deal.  He stated that it is exciting to sign the deal for another four years.  It will help strengthen Cryptologic and certainly give “us” an advantage. Other online slot companies making software cannot offer the Marvel comic slots since the deal is exclusive.  Cryptologic wants to continually offer sites with the best slots. They also want their players to have a great experience every day. So far, it seems they have managed to provide this.

Marvel Entertainment also spoke about the deal.  They stated the Marvel Entertainment is happy with how Cryptologicc has been able to create slot machines based on their superheroes.  With this success and the ability to leverage the properties around the globe both companies cannot help but benefit.

Intercasino and VIP Casino are just two of the Cryptologic online casinos that have the Marvel comic slots.  Cryptologic has the deal with the superheroes, but Playtech also has a piece of Marvel comics.

Their deal announced in March 2009 is for Marvel’s motion picture brands.  They have the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, Xmen, and Iron Man.  There is a distinct difference between the two brands, which makes it possible for both online software companies to benefit.

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