CryptoLogic Online Casino Software to Surpass All

Published on: April 5, 2008 

In a gaming industry where there are only a handful of software developers, CryptoLogic has become one of the largest and most popular software providers of online casino and poker rooms.  The websites designed by this company are highly played at by gamblers all over the world, and according to the financial news magazine Motley Fool, CryptoLogic will surpass all the others as the top growth stock on the NASDAQ index over the course of the next five years.

Motley Fool is predicting that CryptoLogic will grow somewhere between thirty and forty percent between now and 2013.  Already the company has seen an earnings per share growth that has tripled in one year.  The fourth quarter earning report saw shares at $0.36 each on their $4.3 million in net revenue.  Wall Street predicted them only doing $0.21 per share, and that was based on 2006 fourth quarter reports that said shares where only reporting in at $0.12 per share with a total annual earning of $1.7 million.

CryptonLogic’s management is doing something right as the company has grown instead of shrunk as many of their competitors have been forced to do.  The amount of revenue the company could make if the UIGEA act was overturned is mind boggling and they are for the government overturning the ruling and legalizing and regulating online gaming.  Many online websites simply banned all players from the United States regardless of their location in the country.  Eleven states out of fifty have completely banned online gaming from their borders, but the rest is suffering from it.  The companies that banned American players saw a significant drop in profits thanks to the ban that caused them to lose close to half their members.

Online casino financial guru’s believe the UIFEA could still be overturned, providing Americans with online gambling once again.  If many of these sites were allowed to bring Americans back onto their sites and into their game rooms, the market on all fronts would greatly benefit from it.  The consensus of analysts opinions is that the ban is short-lived.  If CrytpoLogic were able to promote their sites to Americans and open them back up for play, the could very easily exceed the current growth estimates.

American players or otherwise, CryptoLogic is still seeing a growth pattern even during this time of recession.  While the UIGEA may not be overturned in the short term, CryptoLogic is still leading the pack and they are a great asset to the gaming community.

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