Craigs Casino Blog Network Finally Launches

Published on: December 22, 2008 

Craig’s Casino Blog Network ( has finally launched after months of Internet gambling fans waiting in enthusiastic anticipation.  Owner Craig Kressly – for whom the site is named after – and Neekam Company welcomed the revolutionary blog network for users and offers Internet gambling fans five blogs in which they can participate in anything that is online casino, poker, and other game related.

The concept behind the network is to give gaming fans up to date news on a slew of online gambling topics, such as gambling facts, places for free Internet gambling, research, regulations, gambling problems and other topics that pertain to the global online gambling community.  Says Kressly about the new casino blog network, “Internet gambling services are now a fully established sector of the world gambling market. The 1st Internet gambling site was launched over thirteen years ago and there are now thousands of other sites worldwide. If you have questions about internet gambling laws, the penalty for internet gambling, gambling internet laws, what states allow internet gambling, online gambling laws, laws on online gambling, online sports gambling, and online casinos, then this is the place for you.”

A culmination of months of work, development, and collaboration with Neekam Company, users of the new network will have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of online gambling services through affiliate programs that have been handpicked by Kressly and Neekam and are associated with each of the five different blogs.  The network is being promoted as a ‘one stop shop’ of the gambling community’s finest poker and online casino gaming affiliates and promises everyone the opportunity to find something that will peak their interest.

Just about every online game is offered through the network and fans will be able to find information on poker, slots, roulette, craps, gambling in general, sports betting in countries that allow and more.  “I want to create a real Internet Las Vegas Experience for Users,” says Mr. Kressly. “Neekam and I are dedicated to providing the ultimate online gambling experience.”  

Kressly cannot praise Neekam enough for all of their work in helping him develop this all encompassing Internet gambling blog network.  “My experience with Neekam Company has been amazing. Their vision, support and customer service ethic has created for me an exciting platform for the online gambling fan. However, I must say something about Neekam President – Mike Tanner; I have the most amazing communication with that man. He’s like a mind-reader. He has managed to take my idea and impart his vision upon it. He’s such a nice guy too!”

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