Crack the Case at Bet365 for a Piece of $50,000

Published on: October 28, 2014 

There are certain motifs and archetypes that never get old when they're done well, and that of the murder mystery story is a great example. Following the detective and the other people in the story who are trying to solve the crime while knowing that they are all suspects is a part of the fun, and Bet365 Casino is taking advantage of this classic type of story with a great promotion that starts today. The grand prize in this promotion is the trip of a lifetime, so make sure that you put your best foot forward in solving the case.

Here's how this promotion works. From October 28 through November 7, you're going to have a chance to pick up clues by completing different tasks. Opt in to this promotion and then start tracking your progress using the Murder Mystery Express banner in the software. When you complete the necessary tasks, you'll earn a clue or key piece of information about the murder itself that will help you to boost your chances of guessing correctly. Every three days in this promotion, you're going to be rewarded if you're one of the players who has gained all three clues in the previous three days.

The rewards start with $17,000 that's randomly awarded to 200 of the players who have gained the previous three clues, and this will be awarded three different times. This will be done in a drawing where first gets $2,000, second and third get $1,000, and fourth through seventh get $500 each. The bonuses continue down to the last 100 of the 200 winners getting $20 each. If you get a shot at solving the murder with all of the clues, then you'll get a special bonus. Everyone who solves the mystery is put in the final drawing for a six-day vacation of a lifetime to London to ride the Orient Express.

Bet365 Casino needs no introduction. They have built up an exceptionally impressive reputation on their own over a period of several years, and that's why they are one of the top sites available in the industry today. Get a piece of the action with their combination software that includes top titles from Playtech, BetSoft and plenty of other software providers and try to solve the murder mystery for your own chance to take a ride on the famous Orient Express.

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