Comparing Online Casino Bonus Options

Published on: June 15, 2010 

A recent study was undertaken by interested parties of online gambling.  The study was comparing whether or not blackjack players get the same benefits as slot players.  It is a well known fact that most online slot players continually switch casinos in order to try out new games.  Since there are new slot machines almost every month players will look for a new theme or online casino to keep them entertained.  After all, once you make it to the bonus rounds or give up trying you have to find something new in slots.  The sheer number of slots available online is another reason most individuals like to switch casinos every once in a while.

Each time a player becomes a new player at another online casino there are welcome bonuses.  These bonuses are also part of the reason for the switch.  Anytime free money to play online slot machines is offered it means players do not have to use their own.

However, for blackjack players there is a marked difference.  The original version of blackjack is the one most players will head for.  They enjoy the game and its rules.  Occasionally a player might look at the variations being offered at an online casino.  The main difference is that most players are content to remain at the same place and look for the occasional loyalty bonus.  If a new variation comes out in a year it is rare. Most of the time one sees half a dozen or less new blackjack variations in a given year.  Since deposit bonuses are offered only to new players, blackjack players tend to be happy at their original casino.

There is not a huge benefit for someone who likes the original game to trade into a new casino.  The game and software is just too similar.  Plus it is often the feel and ease of use that directs a player to one casino for blackjack over another.  With little incentive to move the deposit bonuses are not a huge issue.  Certainly free credits are nice, but most players feel it is not worth the switch.

Yet, if one really thinks about it switching casinos for the bonuses can be well worth it.  Free credits mean spending less of your own money, especially when the deposit bonuses are large enough to make it worthwhile.  The trick is finding these bonuses and making the switch.

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