Comics and Movies Arrive at InterCasino

Published on: December 14, 2009 

This holiday season at InterCasino is bringing some top new games for online players.  Santa has come a little early for any casino players.  The new games are all based on MGM Movies and one of the most famous comic book heroes.  The slots themes are based on Braveheart, Forest Gump, and Superman.

Braveheart was a movie about Scotland and England, in which one man stepped up against the crown and begged for freedom.  Forest Gump warmed the hearts of many with the tale of a young man who had learning disabilities that eventually managed to have quite a life.  Most of us know who Superman the comic book hero is, and if we never saw the original movies in the 70’s you might have seen the latest Superman Returns film.  The comic book has been ongoing for several years and television spinoffs have also been created.  It makes sense that Cryptologic with their deal with Marvel Comics and now MGM would come out with these three movies.

Superman is in colossal form with fifty paylines.  Lois Lane and Lex Luthor will make appearances in the theme.  There are a number of free spins to win and a pretty decent jackpot as well.

Braveheart may not have Mel Gibson’s voice or photo, but you can bet the bank on gaining Scotland’s freedom.  William Wallace symbols will help you gain more points as the player and earn bigger winnings in the end.  Jackpots have all been named after levels of movie success like the Smash to Epic, and many others.  In fact there are five separate jackpots for you to win in one game.  That is quite a feat, considering most of the other games only offer one jackpot and a few free spins.

Forest Gump will take us back to the portrayal offered by Tom Hanks.  There are two bonus games in this slot with a box of chocolates as a gambling favourite.  If that is not enough there is always the slogan “you never know what you will get” that helps in the random pick bonus.  Fans will definitely be able to run with Forest and earn some top cash.

InterCasino is one of the more popular online casinos, especially with their partnership with Cryptologic.  Cryptologic is one of the best interactive slot software providers.  Unfortunately the new games are only available outside the US, but that means great things for UK players.

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