Chili Poker Offers Players UKashOut

Published on: September 21, 2008 

Online poker rooms are continuously looking for new ways to play their players with many sites offering multiple electronic wallet sites as an option.  Chili Poker is the first of these online poker sites to offer their players Washout, a MasterCard endorse prepaid card that is parented by UKash, an online cash payment solution.  UKashOut is expected to make the payouts to players easier and quicker, and members of Chili Poker are excited at being able to try out this new method.

UKashOut is supposed to be an innovative and straightforward method of paying online poker room players.  It will allow players to access their funds in a quick and easy manner with no consideration as to how the funds were initially deposited into the online poker room cash account.  UKashOut is replacing the need for online poker rooms to issue costly checks, bank transfers and other more traditional methods of paying players that many online poker rooms still use.

The UKashOut card will be issued to the players directly from the gaming operators.  The players can select how much they want to withdraw from their online cash account and it is immediately credited to the card.  The money can then be withdrawn from an ATM machine or used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, both on and offline around the world.  Chili Poker is going to initially issue their cards to their VIP customers free of charge.  The poker site has high rollers in 30 different countries and by adding the UKashOut card to their arsenal, they are hoping to draw in new customers and increase the retention rate of their already existing customer base.  The cards use the current UKash integration system which makes the adoption process easier.  Sites that wish to go to this option will simply need to add a technical interface and managed service on the backside activities of the site.

UKashOut is expected to rollout to other online poker sites that are looking for different and more efficient payout methods.  Chili Poker’s CEO Alexandre Dreyfus had this to say about the sites new partnership with UKashOut: "It is in our nature to offer our players the best possible online gaming experience, that is why we have partnered with UkashOut and now offer this new value added service to our premium members."

UKash’s Mark Chirnsdale, CEO, said, “As the company which introduced online cash payments in Europe, we are pleased to bring UKashOut to the market and to see it so eagerly adopted by one of the strongest online gaming providers. Chili Poker, like many other operators, is realizing the value of finding methods to pay out securely, easily and quickly and UKashOut offers the whole package."

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