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Published on: March 19, 2009 

This week Westminster Hall has been holding meetings regarding the EU laws.  Many find the current laws being created by the EU to be flawed.  The EU is telling many of the EU nations that they must offer online casinos.  Other things will also be changing regarding the talks.  One thing this will and has changed is the online casino software rights.  Cryptologic has lost the exclusive rights to the Marvel Comic Slots.  Playtech made a deal with Marvel in order to allow the games to reach more individuals.

Despite the fact that Playtech is now allowed to offer some of the most popular Marvel Comics to their clients, it has not changed the Cryptologic Deal.  Cryptologic is making a deal with Paramount Digital Entertainment.  The online casinos with the top comics were news at the beginning of March.  Now there is even bigger news.

Some of the biggest movies from Hollywood will be turned into slot games.  These slot games will not be offered at all online casinos though.  Instead these games will only be offered by Cryptologic.  The marvel comic games were also supposed to be this way, so don’t get too upset if you want to play these new movie slots.  You might just see them outside of Cryptologic online casinos.

The new movie slots will be Forest Gump, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Beverly Hills Cop.  There will also be others coming out, but those names have yet to be released.  Cryptologic spoke to the media regarding their new coup.  They said the movie market is going to be even larger than the comic market, which means they will be able to attract more players and offer plenty of new games.

The new movie slots will take a little longer before they are actually released.  Cryptologic expects to have some of the movie slots out in late 2009.  Cryptologic also promises that the online casino software will be even better than others from the past.  They want players to remember the games and keep coming back, but more than that players are expecting a better software as the technology grows.

At the moment Cryptologic owns the rights to 20 different movies.  These titles will most likely just be the start to the new idea of making films into slots.  Perhaps after the first release, Back to the Future will be next or at least not far off.

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