Centrebet Using Chartwell Gaming Platform

Published on: June 29, 2010 

In the online casino world the way to make it is to have the best software and gaming platform.  Players want to be pleasantly surprised when they come to a casino.  They want to be able to get the same experience online as they would in a land casino, with the sounds, games, and bets.  Dan Phillips announced they will be helping Centrebet out again with their Chartwell gaming platform.

Chartwell is one of the top platform providers at the moment.  They have a system with eCogra certification.  This certification is some of the best security players can find.  They make certain their platform will be the top program for the safety of all players who wish to join an online casino with their platform.

Chartwell was established in 1998 with over 100 employees.  The company is located in Calgary, Canada.  They also have places in Vancouver, London, Singapore, and Malta.  Chartwell is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Centrebet has used Chartwell for numerous online casinos.  This newest casino is called Flash.  It is going to launch sometime in the summer, though it has not been launched yet.  They are going to have a complement of games worthy of the Centrebet name.  They will also be offering third party content on the site to help make it better for all players.

Phillips stated their success as Chartwell has been due to international recognition.  They have been able to get the attention of other casinos through Centrebet, since Centrebet is one of the larger world wide online casinos.  He also added that the movement of the casinos and the gaming platform will take on new developments.

Centrebet is a good announcement to make in order to get into more and more online casinos for Chartwell.  He stated they also announced Casino Austria last month, which is yet another place they will be making their mark.  The system being used for the new Centrebet casino is going to have a lot of flash graphics and gaming.  It is bound to attract players.  Centrebet also had a bit to say regarding the online casinos.  They said Chartwell is moving into new areas and it was easy to make the decision for their gaming platform.  Both companies should continue to grow with the new arrangements, thus it will be a symbiotic relationship that brings in quite a bit of cash for both sides.

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