Ceasing Security for Online Casino Play

Published on: March 9, 2009 

Security is something all online gamblers are concerned about.  They do not want their identity to be stolen, their accounts emptied, or worse.  When online casino gamblers start looking for a casino to play at there are a couple of things they tend to want to see regarding security.

A recent survey was conducted regarding online casino security.  Consumers were asked what they feel regarding how safe the online world is.  Many of the consumers said they would go with a brand.  A brand casino is something they have heard of before either through someone else, or because it was a land casino that is also offering online casino games.  85 percent of those interviewed stated that they need to trust the site before they will offer up information.  This means they look at the internet location and the sharing personal information agreement.  Consumers said that brands who do not provide the right security will leave them feeling several emotions, namely distrust of all other sites.

Since security is such a big deal when it comes to money consumers have begun to get a little wiser in how they search for it.  They no longer look at the security information on the “About US” page for the only safe guard.  Being told what security system is used and that personal information will not be shared has not always worked for some consumers in the past.

Due to this wariness more and more online casino customers are looking for the security icon.  This icon is a lock which displays on the browser often near the web address.  In the study conducted about 62 percent of consumers said they look for the lock.  55 percent of the consumers said they look for a logo or a seal that shows what online security the casino has.

However, online casinos urge that this is not the only thing consumers should be looking for.  The best security against problems is education.  As long as the consumers are aware of the latest tools out there and can implement their own security measures they should be able to protect themselves.  The first step in online anything is securing your computer from your side, said some of the online casino owners.  It’s about allowing your computer to be protected and then looking for the extra measures the online casinos provide.  You cannot have one or the other.  Hopefully online consumers can start using the latest security measures for protection.

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